My second guest ever on NTS! I’ll be honest with you, I quite enjoy having guests as it adds a completely different flavour to the show. But - unknowingly, I do seem to set constraints. For example, I would never want to have a guest on that doesn’t have a perspective that I couldn’t learn from. Hence why I’ve had Josh on from his DIY indie label, and David, who spoke about Chinese Rock. It was also a challenge to me, as I knew nothing about Chinese rock, which meant I had to find my slant on a topic completely unknown to me. What I particularly loved about the show is that much of what David played, I would never listen to or even play, but within the context of this show and the education I had, I thoroughly enjoyed his selections.


Here we are, the second episode of the year. So. I stopped making weekly shows and this year I’ve produced…6 shows so far (ha). Spiritland, NTS, Finetooth, Spiritland, NTS, Finetooth. So much for a break! But seriously, the break and gap has opened me up to exploring other avenues of DJing and radio. And I was super excited to make this show, which perhaps is the breath of life the show needed. I really hope you like it. Please let me know. Seriously.


This set was a funny one - I had planned a very very mellow set, as I’d never played an afternoon set before, but lo-and-behold, the place was RAMMED from the get go. Out the window that set-list goes! When listening to this show, try to imagine me attempting to impress an old lady who was sitting reading a paper. She never looked at me once, so I consider this set a failure.



NTS 18—02—19
Re-Tros – TV Show
Faye Wong – Dream Person
海朋森 (Hiperson) - 鸭子 (Ducks)
Baby Formula - 六分仪
ni.ne.mo - Shades of… (Remix ft. YoungQueenz)
Chui Wan – Seven Chances
无政府主义男孩儿 (Anarchy Boys) - 錯誤(Mistake)
The Yours – Slip Out
鄭鈞 - 私奔
Cocteau Twins – Serpentskirt (feat. Faye Wong)
GG Lobster - Ghost Rider (Suicide Cover)
AV OKUBO - 長恨歌
Anxiety & Takeem - 夾 band
Hedgehog - Wink

Finetooth February 2019
Lixo — Phoxi (Mr_ Mitch Remix)Nazar — Airstrike
Jodey Kendrick — Lo Pan
morningdeer, S Olbricht — Grey Lichen
Faze Miyake — ce Cold (feat. Inga Copeland)
Billie Eilish — bury a friend
Eliseo Parra — Noche tranquila y serena
Gavin Bryars — My First Homage
David Sylvian — Nostalgia
Évé — Joana
Umeko Ando — Hutare Chui
Gunna — Speed It Up
Lil Baby — Pure Cocaine
Kodak Black — Take One
Lil Pump;Smokepurpp — ION (feat. Smokepurpp)
Young Jeezy — And Then What
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds — Fallin' In Love (Again)
Drake — November 18th
Choker — Guava Tea
Gunna — Out The Hood
Mary J. Blige — I Love You
Massive Attack — Lately
Justin Timberlake — Medley: Sexy Ladies / Let Me Talk to You (Prelude)
Wong Yik — I'm In Love