Well here's something a bit different for you! For this month's NTS show, I asked Music Curators AM from paris to produce a mix for me. I heard about them via ETUDes Studios - a Parisian Fashion Label who have their own Mix series on Soundcloud. I have enjoyed them so much over the years that I thought i'd Reach out to Aimée and Marie. This episode is quite different from a regular Finetooth, But for that Reason alone, I love it. Enjoy!

Fatima Al Qadiri - Shanzai (feat. Helen Feng)
K. Leimer - Aerial
Andrew Pekler - Theme From Tristes Tropiques / Avian Modulations / Life in The Canopy
Phil Struck - Tide
Canada Effervescent - Brume de Surface
Felicia Atkinson - Visnaga
Anxiety Support Group - Dream Recon
E-Sagglia - In The Snake
Sturqen - Papafrank
coucou chloe - flip u (prod. by sega bodega)
LCC - Am
Metrist - Franz Kupka’s Left Arm
Dasha Rush - 100 Hearts
Function - Isolate
Cobra Man - Old Driveway
Demdike Stare - Haxan
Jason Fine - Larissa
R-A-G - Dreadfully (Stoned Version)
Ploy - Bad Seed
Couleur Dessin - Traverser